tennis court raquet at Caboolture Tennis Association

The Caboolture Tennis Website has arrived!


Hi everyone, I'm Mark and a member of the outstanding Caboolture Tennis Association!

I say outstanding because this excellent sporting facility is not only professionally run and friendly, but it's also situated in one of the most beautiful parts of our region here at Centenary Lakes Parklands.    

Caboolture Tennis has been around for many decades (since the 1920's in fact) and at this Centenary Lakes location the first 4 courts were built in 1973 with a further 4 more in 1978. The Caboolture Tennis Centre now has a total of 12 high quality courts consisting of 11 synthetic grass and 1 hardcourt. You can read and see more about our history in the Photo Wall section of our Site here.   

Personally, I love our tennis centre... That's why I became a member of our committee and with the committee's blessing created the Caboolture Tennis Website. Our intent is to make our Website into a "goto" resource to share information easily with our members and visitors also to hopefully encourage more people to give tennis a go - we accept everyone with open arms from beginner to advanced there's a fixtures position for you in our club!

Speaking of fixtures, please visit our Fixtures page for more information on when we play and how to join up. You can also hire the courts for a social hit.

Currently, I'm still working on getting our Website up to speed so it may not be as comprehensive as it should yet but over the next few weeks we'll be adding lots more information with regular updates in our News section. Regardless, if there's something you can't find or a question you have about Caboolture Tennis please feel free to contact us using our contact page and we'll be happy to assist. 

Also, you can interact with us socially on our Facebook Page here - don't forget to "like" us!  

Finally, can I finish by stating how good tennis can be for your health. Today in our busy lives many people feel like there's simply no time to play sport or exercise but this is not true. I actually believe exercise gives us time back by helping us to live a longer more healthier life. Tennis happens to be one of those sports almost anyone can play at any level or age and get a fabulous workout without even knowing it because it's so much fun!

If you're browsing our Website considering playing tennis then consider no further and hurry up and join us already.

See ya on the court!