Nearly 100 Years of Tennis in Caboolture!

Caboolture Tennis has been helping people get fit, meet new friends and enjoy the fresh air for nearly 100 years!

Located in one of the most beautiful spots in Centenary Lakes, the Association was first established in 1929 with tennis played on private courts in the area. We created our first 4 courts in 1973 with 4 more in 1978 and we now have a total of 12 courts that cater to the local community (12 synthetic grass courts).



Court Hire

Who wants to play tennis?

We have a diverse crowd at Caboolture Tennis from wide-eyed little kids who are enjoying their first lessons to experienced players who just want to keep their hand in the game. Anyone can play tennis!

So what are you waiting for?

What does Caboolture Tennis offer to players?

Caboolture Tennis offers a warm and friendly environment where everyone just wants to play tennis. Whether you want to play competitively or just hit a ball around as you chat with friends, you can find exactly what you need at Caboolture Tennis.